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Our Country

I normally write opinions on books, but there are so many things going on in our country that I feel I have to give an opinion..

We as a people of the United States a re constantly arguing with each other as to which side is right. We each have an opinion or a belief. We have the freedom in our country that gives us this right to think how we want and also to express our opinion or belief. But when it comes down to causing injury to someone or killing someone just to get our point across this is wrong. I’ve seen videos of people getting into peoples faces, cursing them and flipping them the bird just to make their point. This is not being very mature. We live in the United States of America, we are Americans first and our heritage comes second.

Our country has seen devastation by hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. We have had shootings like the one that just happened in Vegas and also there’s been arguments from different sides about Confederate monuments, standing for the national anthem and many other things. I think our country needs to come together and begin again to pray very hard for our government and the people of this country. I know many people do not believe in God but I do and I feel that those who do need to pray. The people need to be unified to get through these hard times. Our news media does not give our President a break. Everything he says or does they think is wrong. This is also sparked by those who think he should not be our leader.

We as a country have come together many times in the past and have prayed, in times of war, when the terrorists attacked us and through many disasters. It is time again to join together and put our small  differences away and join as one for our country to be strong again.

 I personally believe that in putting God back into our lives and trusting Him would be a big help.  Our country was founded on a belief in God and should return to that belief.

May God bless  you and the United States.

Gary C Wineholt  

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