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Monday, June 11, 2018

Commentary on Revelations


Everyman’s Bible Commentary

By Charles C. Ryrie

A redesigned edition of the commentary that offers the same Biblical truths set forth by Charles C Ryrie as before. The commentary is very important to all who want a better understanding of the book of Revelation. The in-depth commentary has the true meaning of the scripture plus other background information of the culture and people that would have first read Revelation. It gives a true meaning to what John saw and held when he received his vision from Christ. Having this book with you when you are reading the book of Revelation will be a great experience.

As I was reading this commentary I came across items that I had not learned in my earlier studies of Revelation. I really like the included illustrations and charts and found them a great help. The book offers so much to the understanding of God and His plans for the end times and way we need to accept Christ as Savor. The book is a must have for anyone’s library and would be a great help in Bible Studies.

I want to thank Moody Publishers for the opportunity they have given me to do a review on the redesigned commentary by Charles C. Ryrie on the book of Revelation. They have used part of my review on the back cover of the redesigned edition, this has been an honor. Thank you, Moody Publishers

Gary C. Wineholt – Christian Book Reviewer

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