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Monday, January 22, 2018

Reasons for Belief


Easy-to-Understand Answers to 10 Essential Questions

By Norman L. Geisler & Patty Tunnicliffe

Do you know what you believe, and why?

This book offers challenges that are given about the Bible and also gives the answers to those challenges. Challenges like, “Real truth does not exist.” – “God does not exist.”- “Miracles don’t happen.” -  The New Testament has many errors making it unreliable.” – “Jesus never claimed to be God.” – “Jesus didn’t prove He was God.” – “The Bible isn’t the only true religious book.” and other questions that some people ask us, trying to trip us up and change our beliefs.

In my opinion, the answers given in this book are very reliable and Biblical sound, backed by Bible scripture, using other historical writing and references. This book is packed with information that can be useful in the daily contact with unbelievers and believers. Use it to defend your faith, you will have access to the answers with this book.

The book would make a great gift for believers and unbelievers, also would be a good addition to your library and make a good book for discussion or Bible study groups.

This review is my own opinion. Unlike other books on this blog, I purchased this book and did not receive it from any publisher. Just wanted to share the contents and information to all who are interested.

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