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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

THe Case For Hope


Looking ahead with confidence and courage

By Lee Strobel

Hope is something we all want and look for. This book lets you know that there is hope available and where to find it, God. In his book, Lee Strobel shares his experiences and experiences of others about hope and what to do. The stories he shares and very inspirational and heartwarming. They show that hope through Christ is unlimited and unfailing hope. He covers subject like, hope in a hopeless world, hope in a transforming life, hope for today and tomorrow, plus others. Lee shares how he became a Christian and how others made the same decision.

A quote for the back cover: “Hope is the inextinguishable flicker God ignites in our souls…when we are surrounded by utter darkness.”

A well written book with useable information for those searching for hope. He includes a 30-day Journey of Hope journal to help meditate on specific passages of scripture. This book would be great for Bible discussion groups.

This review is my own opinion. Unlike other books on this blog, I purchased this book and did not receive it from any publisher. Just wanted to share the contents and information to all who are interested.

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