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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Exploring Christian Theology


Creation, Fall and Salvation

Nathan D Holsteen & Michael J Svigel General editors

Doctrine and theology are two things that are important to the Christian life but can be the cause for division. In their book, Nathan and Michael have put together important information about creation, the fall and salvation. They share different theories that are believed by many, giving the facts of each. This is the second book in the series on exploring Christian theology and cover the three subjects that are sometimes the cause for disagreement. A separate section is devoted to each subject with Biblical verses and overviews. Some of the things offered are scripture verses that can be memorized, facts on each subjects, passages to masters, voices from the past (quotes from early writers and theologians) and a history of doctrines. A section on other writings is offered for more reading on the subject.

I found the book very easy reading and easy to understand. The information is thorough offering an in depth look at the subjects. The glossary of theological terms is a welcomed help to understanding their meaning. I agree with the one note on the back of the book: "A great way to get acquainted with key Biblical theological themes."

I received this book free from Bethany House for purpose of this review, I was not required to write a positive review, the opinions I have expressed are my own.

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