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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


By Mitch Albom
What would happen in your neighborhood or town, if people started to receive phone calls from deceased love ones, this book is a fictional account of just that. Mitch Albom takes this idea and turns it into a heartwarming story about what can happen when a few people start getting that phone call. He describes how it can affect each person, how it will affect the town and the world. Mitch shows how vanity shows in people and how they react to the news media. Are the people crazy? Are the people being taken advantaged of? Alternatively, is it all true and the calls are real. Faith is tested and one man is trying to find the truth. You will follow the people who believe and those who do not. You will see how friendships are built in a time of needing each other’s support..
Once you start to read this book, you will have trouble putting the book down. You will be kept on the edge of your seat wanting to know what happens next. Easy to read and full of details makes this a need to read book.
The opinion expressed here is my personal opinion. I purchased this book and wanted to inform the readers of my blog what I thought of this book.

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