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Sunday, November 9, 2014


THE 8 GREAT DEBATES OF BIBLE PROPHECY Understanding The Ongoing Controversies By Ron Rhodes Bible prophecy, what are the different beliefs and should they be debated? Ron Rhodes has written this book to show the different beliefs that Christians have concerning Bible prophecy of the end times. He gives a description of the different beliefs and evidence for the different beliefs. He lays all the evidence on the table for you to understand the differences. The subjects covered are;
Should prophecy be interpreted literally or allegorically. He explains the difference.
Are Israel and the church distinct in Bible prophecy?
Knowing the signs of the times.
Which views of the rapture is correct.
How are we to understand the book of Revelation?
How are we to understand the antichrist?
Which view of the millennium is correct?
Should we set dates on prophetic events? He gives an informative definition to these subjects. He shows how different people believe them and he tells how he believes and why he believes that way. The book has a number of Bible references to scripture and gives a very informative view of each belief. After covering all the information, Ron closes his book with a chapter of why we should not let our belief, on prophecy, divided because of our differences in Bible prophecy. Afternoon comparing the various beliefs, you should be able to enjoy a friendly conversion about prophecy and get a enriched understanding of scripture and how God has put it altogether in His great plan. The opinion expressed here is my personal opinion. I purchased this book and wanted to inform the readers of my blog what I thought of this book.

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