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Wednesday, July 23, 2014



The Call To Live & Die For Bigger Things

By Ken Wytsma with D. R. Jacobsen

Justice, what is it? The author will help you understand what it is and why it matters. Ken explains that God is a just God and how Christians need to understand God's justice. Ken offers many examples to justice and injustices that take place in this world. He offers scriptures on how God is a just God, and how God want us to do justice in a needy world.

The book is very informative and is on a subject that Christians need to understand. At times, we will follow our own ambitions, dreams, and end up making things worse than they are. I think the author makes many excellent points and are points that need our understanding for a better world.

Some areas Ken covers are Justice as a way of knowing God, How justice informs love, How empathy carries justice, and many others. The book will make you think about how you act, worship and live.

Ken offers some disturbing statistics about Christianity in the USA and gives examples of how Christians can do more of an injustice when we think we are doing justice and being helpful. The book will open your eyes to why God's justice is important.

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