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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Crash the Chatterbox


Hearing God's Voice Above All Others

By Steven Furtick

We all have negative things in our head and heart that seems to tell us lies and keeps us from our God-given potential. These things seem to be voices that tell us that we are insecure, tells us to be fearful, that condemns us and discourages us. This is the chatterbox or enemy that keeps us from hearing God.

A quote from the book: "The only opportunity the chatterbox ever has to download lies into our heads is if we have allowed it first to delete the memory of who we are in Christ."

When things come into your heads like; you are unworthy, your sins cannot be forgiven, you come up short, or you are unable to do that; ask the question "Who told you that?". God will not give insecurity, fears, condemn you or discourage you. I found the section on handling our fears very helpful, how to deal with the "What if's" in our lives.

Steven Furtick gives examples of each of these and helps us to deal with them. He gave examples from his own life and stories from others that have dealt with these things. Pastor Furtick sets aside a section of the book with discussion questions to help you to overcome and silence the lies and hear God's voice tell you the truth over the chatterbox. He also has some other resources that are available, if you are interested. The book is not a easy read, it is thought provoking and needs to be read slowly to get the points offered by Pastor Furtick.

We need to embrace God and listen for His still small voice that will help us to overcome the lies with the truth.

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